Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Who's the G-man?  Yikes!  It's my brother! - photo: L. Farnsworth
This is a photo of my brother clowning around with a 1957 camera.  Is that an antique?  If so, I'm one too, because I totally predate the camera.

My niece Linnea took this picture with her new medium format camera.  I had to look that up on Wikipedia to know what it was, so don't feel bad if you don't know.  Long story short, it's bigger and better than anything most of us have in the cupboard.  Sigh.  She knows how to use it, too.  She's already a pro and getting her Fine Arts degree in photography this year if all goes well.  (I have no doubts!)

I guess I come from a family of shutterbugs.  I'm not a very good photographer, but I love taking candid snaps to document my life.  My father was an avid photographer, and loved collecting cameras.  My mother's father was also an excellent photographer back in the early days of photography. 

Linnea and her little brother Christian
This past week, my little nephew Christian got an award from the PTA for a photo he took.  I am very proud of him.  I guess it was inevitable, with all the camera crazy folks in his life! 

Good for you, Christian!  Congratulations!

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Linnea said...

I like how I'm holding the certificate as if it's mine. Sheesh.