Monday, February 20, 2012

Hiking with Fred

Visiting Kenting Forestry Preserve in Taiwan...

Fred, at 2 years old, off on a hike in Taiwan
 On a recent trip to Taiwan, Daniel took the family to a wilderness hiking area.  Fred had an accident with travel sickness in the car, and had to spend some of his time in his diaper.  He later took off on his own personal hike sans pants.  You can do that when you are two without social repercussions. 

Just Fred and his shadow
 Fred just took off, and Daddy had trouble keeping up! 
Big steps are daunting for a little one, but he managed these

And he did these, too
 Fred's father said he took off for nearly 20 minutes on his own.  It was quite a hike for a 2 yr-old!  On the
way they ran across this sign:
What to do in case of a melt-down at the nearby nuclear power plant... Yikes.
Little Fred traveled far...
..and traveled wide

Mom and little sister Livia were thrilled to see Fredrik come back safely.  Especially Livia.
Liva was overjoyed to see her brother again.  She thought he was a goner fer sure...
A scenic marker along the trail.  Translated it says: "Fred was here."

At the top of the hiking trail - all kinds of shops for the tourists

Taiwanese kids filming their antics in the park
Mom and Dad finally found the closest thing to a clean, dry pair of pants - swim trunks!
Fred finally got some pants on!
You're stylin' there, Fred.  Glad you had a great hike.  Thanks for sharing your adventures with those of us who will never be able to visit Taiwan!

Happy President's Day Holiday!  Have a great day.

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