Friday, February 24, 2012

Jack on Canvas

Still (for 2 seconds) Life with Jack
I love my cat.  His name is Jack.  Jack is a sweet, funny guy.  He is very laid back.  When I found him lounging on the Artist's Canvas, I just couldn't resist taking some pictures of him.
Jack on Canvas
Jack is a good kid.  He likes to hang out with me.  He's not very demanding.  For a cat.  That means he only nibbles on my toes when he really really wants something "NOW".  But, being a laid back, California cat, he only does this every now and then. 

Just when he thinks I need it.

We have cuddle time every morning.  Of course, cuddling eventually turns into playing, which usually means thrashing my arm time... luckily for me, I wear a wrist brace to bed at night, because Jack really thrashes it into submission.  After said cuddling and subsequent thrashing, we get up and get some breakfast.

Actually, we have a pretty good time together.  He's good about getting his picture taken, too.  He's used to it, by now.  He'll even wait patiently for me when I yell: "Hold that pose, Jack!  I'm going to get the camera!"

I couldn't resist playing a bit with his image on the canvas.

So, here is Jack, as ART:

Jack as ART
 I love his ferocious whiskers.  I call them his moustachios. 

He looks pretty wild in that third picture.  Like the attack cat he could be, with some military training.  Thai warriors used to train their Korat cats to ride into battle with them, perched on the shoulders of their armor.

I think that's a pretty cool image. 

I, personally, would not like to meet even one small attack cat in battle.  Not even a sweet little guy like my Jack.  I think he could turn into a lethal weapon if he had to... so would be assassins beware! 

Not that there's a lot of those guys around my house. 

Thank goodness.

But you never know...

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Colette said...

Jack is so cute! I have a Russian Blue and a grey tuxedo, and Jack looks kind of like a combination of the two. :)