Thursday, February 9, 2012

Into the 3rd Trimester!

I haven't posted anything about my friend and our office manager, Barbara, in a long time (see posts on Jan 9th and also December 7th), so I thought it was time we did an update.
Barbara is doing great!  At 30 weeks, she's well into her third trimester now.  She's tired, of course, but her last check-up showed that both she and the baby are doing fine. 

Her greatest complaint?  Every time she sees baby girl dresses and other girly baby clothes now, she has to resist the urge to buy them!  What's more, she has to keep her two sons from buying them.  This little girl is going to be spoiled with two older brothers!

In the meantime, Barbara's been busy training the people in the office who will take over for her when she goes on maternity leave.  That's a lot of stress, but she's taking it all in good humor.

Another 7 - 12 weeks to go!

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