Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On the Morning Commute...

On Whittier Boulevard
Being a big fan of the English language, I can't help but notice when things don't go quite right in that department.  The Los Angeles area is a huge melting pot of many different cultures, predominantly Asian and Hispanic, but there are others as well.

Every morning I pass by this print shop on Whittier Boulevard.  I really wonder how much work they get, as their sign doesn't exactly inspire confidence in their abilities to do a good job for your sign or banner.

I mean, what is wrong with this picture:

I don't know, the "pringting" is bad, but that backwards "G" doesn't win them any points, either.  Next time I have some "pringting" to do, and need a dyslexic non-native English speaker to take care of it, I'll know where to bring it. 

If only they'd opened an ice cream shop, it might not have been so bad! 

Hope this made you smile.