Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guess What Mom Did With Your Room...

Christian and his mom with the new piano
Dear Elder Nils,

Guess what your mom did with your room!  Mom made your room into her piano room.  She teaches piano, you know, and your room just needed a door to the entrance hall to make it really convenient for her students.  Your grandfather helpfully provided the door on his last visit.  You can blame him, too.

See, you just can't leave the house for a year on a mission and expect things to stay the same.  Just don't take it personally.  

It's not like they're in a conspiracy against you or anything.  I'm not really sure what they did with all your stuff.  It's probably stuffed into Linnea's old room with all her stuff.  Good luck with that.

PIano lessons
Don't worry.  They've got a few more bedrooms; you'll always have a place to sleep.  Just don't freak out when you get home.

That's the news for this week.

We love you, Elder.  Work harder!

Your Family

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