Monday, February 27, 2012


The dashingly handsome Elder Nils in his new area
 "Boy do I have some crazy news for you guys today."  So, begins the email post from Elder Nils regarding his latest transfer.  He continues that he's looking out his window to see ".. the giant beach of Acapulco, with the 90 degree weather and the giant swaying palm trees.  Yup, that's right.  I got transferred out of Cuautla, and now I'm living in the richest part of Acapulco."

"It was a pretty big surprise for all of us.  I'm now in an area known as Acapulco, Costa Azul.  It's pretty awesome.  I'm here as a Zone Leader for this zone."

More baptisms!  The work continues.
Elder Nils says, "Everything is perfect here!  This area is actually known as the best area in the whole mission.  It's incredible..."
The beautiful azure waters where the Elders don't get to swim
 "The Lord's work is going just great over here.  We're really starting to see some good success.  The ward here is great to us, too."
Panoramic view of Acapulco
And a week later, he writes: "The weather here is perfect.  Well, it would be perfect for a vacation.  It's pretty hot here.  All of the houses are on mountains and hills that we climb all day.  I've definitely been getting in good shape here.  I'm also ridiculously tan."

That's it from our correspondent in Mexico.

Looks great.  It also reminds me: Vacation! I need a vacation!


Marybeth said...

Beautiful pics! What an adventure for your nephew!!

Anonymous said...

I need a vacation too, let's do it!