Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Roadhouse Grill

I went out for lunch with a friend on Saturday.  We had coupons, so we went to the Roadhouse Grill first thing after they opened in the morning. To our surprise and amazement, we had the place mostly to ourselves!

I've never seen the place this empty!

As this doesn't happen very often, I took some photos.  It's a whole 'nuther place without a bazillion people there.

I have to say, I belong to a lot of "Birthday Clubs" at various restaurants.  I feel that Roadhouse Grill offers the best coupons and specials of any of them.  We enjoyed some $6 burgers and got the full attention of our very nice waitress.  It was great.

To our amazement, it was drizzling rain when we left the place!  What a nice surprise.  There wasn't any rain in the forecast! That doesn't happen often in the Los Angeles area, and we sure need the rain.

It ended up raining all day long, through the night, and into Sunday.  It was lovely.

Hope there are some nice surprises in store for you today, too!

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