Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Taste of Vietnam

The lunch line at Lee's
While I was off for the Christmas holiday, I ventured down to the Westminster Mall in Orange County for one of my favorite things:

A Baguette filled with spicy Asian pork and sliced veggies
Vietnamese sandwiches!

Lee's Sandwiches are a chain of over 55 Vietnamese Fast Food restaurants across America.  They serve banh mi, a traditional Vietnamese style sandwich served on a freshly baked French baguette.

I guess you have to remember that the French controlled Vietnam for about 50 years. The baguette these sandwiches is served on is the real deal - fabulously crispy on the outside, deliciously light and chewy on the inside.  I haven't had such a good baguette since I was in France!

The Asian sandwiches on the menu feature grilled chicken, various kinds of pork, sardines or ham - all are loaded with greens, crispy vegetables and peppers.

They are really good!

There are also more American style offerings - all with freshly baked bread.  Yummy!

It was worth the drive down to Orange County for this lunch date.  I really enjoyed it!

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