Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Almost Best Christmas Present Ever

Christmas aftermath
Jack didn't know what to make of the Cat's Meow toy when we unwrapped it.  He was quite skeptical on Christmas day. What was this weird thing taking up the play space in the living room?

We'd already been playing furiously with other stuff, and he'd already opened catnip mousies and gotten a new fishing pole with a colorful catnip bird on it.  There was cat hair from one end of the living room to the other as a testament to our play.  Christmas was fun!

But this weird thing was new and mysterious and a little scary at first!

I have some friends who have several kitties and they had recommended this toy to me, saying their cats really loved it.  I thought it would make the perfect Christmas present for my little furry guy.

The Automated Wand for Cats
It doesn't really look like much.  There is a round base which takes batteries, and a simple plastic "wand" that turns on the base underneath a simple yellow tarp. 

The fun is in the computer that controls the wand.  It goes around, it stops, it goes back the other way, it slows down and speeds up.

It is irresistible to kitties!

Jack getting used to the idea of this weird thing in the living room.
It also broke after only three days or so of play.  My cat was tremendously disappointed.  

So was I.

Planning an aerial attack
For a while we had the best time imaginable!  

Jack loved playing with this thing.  It was so much fun to watch him!

Finally venturing a try at batting the wand!
Jack is a sweet cat kid.  He's always trying to find ways for me to be involved in the play.

Sitting on my left foot
He did this by sitting on my feet while he batted the wand.  First on my left foot.

Then my right foot.

(Or was it the other way around?)

It was great until a couple of days later when no amount of new batteries could make the thing go any more.  The lights came on, but the motor had simply burned out.

The sad thing was that it had no manufacturer information of any kind included in the box.  It only stated it was "Made in China".  Thank heavens I had ordered through Amazon.  They kindly accepted the return and credited my account.  I was really unhappy, however.  To find a toy that brings so much joy and then only lasts for a few short hours of play is depressing.

When I packed up the Cat's Meow to return it to the Land of Broken Toys, Jack watched very solemnly. It was so sad! The idea of this toy is great.  I wish an American manufacturer would pick up the gauntlet and make a sturdier version of this.  Or, maybe the Chinese one is okay and we just got a lemon.  Who knows?

In the meantime, Jack and I are content to play other games together.

But it was sure a lot of fun while it lasted!

My handsome boy posing with his fun toy

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