Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Taco Beach

Before the lunch crowd hit
I like going out to eat.  Let's face it, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you have realized by now that's one of my favorite things!  So when I find a great place, I am a happy camper.

When we first walked in and saw the red and green lights, I commented with surprise that they hadn't taken down their Christmas decorations yet.

My friend reassured me that those were Mexican colors and no doubt were a year-around part of the decor.  Doh!  Of course they are.  It did made the interior very festive.

Lunchtime at the Beach
Taco Beach Cantina in Long Beach made me happy.

Perhaps I should explain that!  I had 45 minutes for lunch, and my friend and I walked into this exceptionally busy place with misgivings.  We told the waitress our predicament and asked which menu items were the quickest.

"Tacos and burritos," came her quick reply.  "The fajitas will take much longer."

Okay.  Tacos it is!

Shrimp tacos with Mexican rice and beans
We both ordered taco meals with rice and beans and were not disappointed.  Not only was the food great, it came quickly, along with the check.  They didn't forget about us after that, either!  What great service!  I was very impressed!

The decorations above our rustic table
I suppose any restaurant plunked down in the middle of a big city business district has to deal with quick turnarounds at lunchtime, but some do it better than others.  Taco Beach did it really well!

The interior had a festive atmosphere
Yes, we did go on January 16th.  And, yes, people are wearing shorts in the photo.  There were also quite a few folks sitting outside.  The weather was cool, maybe in the lower 70s, but sunny and beautiful.

My heart-felt apologies to all of you still in the icy grip of winter.

(Please note: The photo of the front of the building comes from The Taco Beach Cantina website.)

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