Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Johnny Rockets

One of my favorite hamburger joints
I once asked a Chinese-born co-worker what American foods he found hard to stomach.  I was curious.  His answer surprised me!  Without a moment's thought to consider his answer, he blurted out, "Hamburgers!"
Denise is a lovely woman.  I enjoy spending time with her.
I do not share his aversion to hamburgers. Being an American, I was raised on them.  That's one of the reasons why I enjoy Johnny Rockets.  Among other tasty things, they serve good, old-fashioned hamburgers and fries.

Put another quarter in the Juke Box!
I don't get to go to a Johnny Rockets very often, but I was recently in Long Beach with my friend Denise, and we had lunch at the one smack dab in the middle of downtown.  This is a tiny restaurant squeezed in among the old buildings around the intersection of Broadway and Pine. 

A bit of Americana: Coca-Cola, Fountain Service, American Fries and Ice Cream Floats
I hadn't been to a Johnny Rockets for years, so it was fun!

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