Monday, January 12, 2015

A Visit to Korea

Getting silly with the kitchen utensils
I have several friends who have visited in Korea in the last few years and have come back raving about the food.

Over the Christmas holiday I decided to find out for myself what all the fuss was about.  A friend and I ventured to the far-off land of Torrance and tried a new Korean restaurant there called GEN.

The interior of GEN
GEN is one of those places where the barbecue grills are set into your table and you get to cook most of your meal yourself.

A generous green salad, potato salad and various pickles surround the grill
GEN is also an "all you can eat" kind of place, where you can keep the yummy-ness coming as long as you are still hungry.

We started with a traditional Korean beef dish with green onions, and went from there!

Two different kinds of beef: Tradition Korean (left) and Hawaiian (right)
 The various marinades were delicious, and it was fun cooking at the table.
Spicy Chicken in marinade ready for cooking
The portions were generous, too!  

Yours Truly being a Happy Camper!
This was a fun place.  The wait staff was excellent.  When I asked for kimchee, I was immediately brought some.  The dishes we ordered arrived quickly and dirty dishes were whisked away (as they should be!) by attentive servers.

I also liked the feeling of calm that pervaded the place.  Sure, it was busy (really packed with people!), but no one hurried you along.  We enjoyed a leisurely luncheon, trying all kinds of menu items from a list of about 18 different dishes.  This was an "all you can eat" restaurant, and we certainly got our money's worth!

Pork sizzling on the grill
I'm up for trying this again!  Hooray for Korean cuisine. Yum!

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