Monday, January 19, 2015

Slaving Over a Hot Computer

My view for two days
I got a break from my usual routine last week.  I spent Thursday and Friday in Long Beach at a class being introduced to InDesign software. The class was highly informative and fun.

My other view for two days
It was one of those classes where you learn a lot and worry that there was so much crammed into your brain that it's not all going to stick!

In some ways, the best part of the two-day experience was meeting our instructor, Beverly Houwing. She was very knowledgeable about our subject, but she was also a fascinating person!

Instructor Beverly Houwing
Besides teaching computer software, Beverly is also a photographer who travels all over the world. She had just recently returned from Antarctica!  

Yup.  That Antarctica, where the penguins are. That seems to be more an expedition than a vacation, but nevertheless... this intrepid woman did it. 

She told us she has a great love of Africa, and has taken many trips there.  She has self-published several books of her photograhs (using InDesign software, by the way), and they are truly beautiful.

Beverly with friends in Africa
Beverly's lovely photo books are available through her website:

Proceeds from this book (above) help a homeless cat shelter in Los Angeles

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Linnea said...

InDesign is such a neat program, I wish I knew it even better.