Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Potluck and White Elephants

Barbara (right) poses for the camera as our coworkers munch a bunch o' lunch
The company I work for, an Engineering Firm, does a lot of fun things for its employees throughout the year.  This includes a holiday party in the middle of January for us to enjoy each others' company, eat too much pot-luck, and participate in a fun gift-giving game filled with odd-ball re-gifted gifts, aptly titled, "I hate what I got for Christmas".

My Engineers Doug and Eric
The above photo looks way too much like a product placement ad. However, it's just Doug and Eric enjoying their meals.  Two things that always amaze me about the engineers of our firm: (1) the incredibly beautiful and intelligent women they have managed to coerce into marrying them and (2) how well their lovely wives can cook!

Doug opening his present
The gift exchange was pretty funny!  There was a lot of gift-snatching and hilarity.  I ended up with a small blender that I was happy with.  Others weren't so lucky.  It's the name of the silly game.

Brian (with his back to the camera), Laura, Frank and Edward discussing the White Elephant strategy
I'm so lucky to work with some incredibly nice people.  What a blessing to actually enjoy coming to work each day!  We always have a lot to talk about at these gatherings.  I enjoy my coworkers' companionship a lot.

Of course, we had to go back for seconds.  The buffet tables were set up in our small kitchen next door to the conference room where the luncheon was held.  There was so much good food!

Frank poses with our buffet tables
It was hard not to want to try everything!  My eyes are always bigger than my stomach.

Diving in for seconds
In addition to the three small tables above, there were also dishes set up on the counter top.

The counter was also filled with delicious food choices
After everyone had totally pigged out, we started the gift exchange.  It was pretty funny.

The fabulous gift exchange
Ivy, Edward and Frank
There was a lot of good-natured teasing and mock fighting during the game!  Several popular items went through many hands before ending up with a lucky recipient.

Me, enjoying my plate of goodies
I tried capturing it all in photos, but my cell phone camera died half-way through.  I discovered later I had just maxed out the memory.  Silly me.  In the meantime, Barbara took photos for me.

Thanks, Barbara!

Brothers Walter (R) and Edward (L) checking out a bottle of spirits
These luncheons are a lot of fun, made even more so by the way people always enthusiastically respond to the challenge of bringing food and gifts to work.  The resulting activity was a resounding success!

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