Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"That Wasn't So Bad"

Digging two feet of "That wasn't so bad" out of the driveway
With all this talk about New York City not getting the snowfall that was predicted the last couple of days, here are photos to show what could have hit the Big Apple.  This snow system actually did hit pretty hard in Connecticut!

The front yard looks pretty blanketed in snow
When I first saw the above photo, I thought it looked rather pretty.  Then I noticed that the box in the foreground was the mailbox...

"The wind blew a drift up against my door... No road this morning; just hills and valleys of beautiful snow!"

Donna says she accidentally stuck the yardstick upside down into the snow, but that there was a good two feet of the white stuff on the ground.

Luckily they didn't lose power.  They sure did get a blanket of white, though!

This report was brought to you from Connecticut by my friend Donna, a senior Brown Belt in Judo and an all-around great lady!
My friend Donna

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