Monday, January 26, 2015

Counted Cross-stitch

Abbie's ornament featured a sleeping kitty on a pile of books
I have a friend who does counted cross-stitch as a hobby and every year produces Christmas ornaments for each of the people in our circle of friends.  

Barbara's ornament shows a kitty in a Christmas stocking
 Elaine thoughtfully took photos of all of these before she gave them away, so you get to see her artistry.

This is Cathy's ornament.  I like the camel!
 A lot of care goes into each ornament.

A harp, bells and a trumpet were for Gina M
 Not just in the execution of the pattern, but in the choices for each person.

This little angel went to Gina T
Everyone gets an ornament suited (more or less) to his or her interests.

Jackie got this terrific ornament with cats in silhouette
 And everyone loves the finished product!

Joyce received this happy crescent moon
 I really like these two "moons" (above and below).

Julie got a crescent moon shaped Santa!
They are all much prettier in person, of course!

Laura received this lovely bell
 I've done counted cross-stitch.  It's not easy!

Lisa got this kilted bagpiper
We never know what Elaine will come up with.

Mark's Santa is jolly
But it's always fun to see what you get!

Maura's ornament shows a puppy and a present
These are all really are delightful, aren't they?

This is mine - a Julenisse from Norway
I like my Norwegian Santa a lot.

Paula's featured this little chubby toy soldier
 The toy soldier is adorable, too.
Peggy's ornament had a Father Christmas holding a lantern
Peggy's family comes from Slovakia, so the Father Christmas was appropriate.

Robin's ornament showcased her love for Siamese cats
Thanks, Elaine!  We all enjoy your talents.

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