Friday, January 9, 2015

Fondue Night!

Fondue Fun!
Last night our Pickering Ward Relief Society had a fun activity - a Fondue Night!

Relief Society President
Sister LeCheminant welcomes us
Fondue is a food concept of Swiss origin, where you dip pieces of bread into melted cheese.  It was all the rage in the 70s, where someone hit upon the idea of chocolate fondue, and using all kinds of things to dip into both sweet and savory dishes.

The "Sister Elders"
Our missionaries (left) Sister Andersen and (right) Sister Gardner
We started with a little lesson from the missionaries, and then moved into the main portion of the evening, which was eating!

We like fondue.

Lots of Yumminess
There was a delicious cheese fondue, a spinach fondue, a chocolate fondue and a peanut butter fondue and a great chocolate fountain!

It was all delicious.  I loved the peanut butter fondue.  That was an unexpected, and immediate favorite!

It was also fun dipping in creme wafer cookies into the mix.  There were apple slices, strawberries, assorted vegetables, pretzels, angel food cake and two kinds of bread for dipping as well.

Two of my favorite people:
Ellen and Mary Beth
 My favorite of any gathering is chatting with my friends.  We always have fun at Relief Society events.  These are great ladies!
Another two of my favorite people:
Celia and Jessica
Relief Society is the oldest, and largest women's organization in the world!  It is a great force for good. 

I'm proud to be a member of this wonderful group of women.
Each table had beautiful tulips on them!

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