Monday, August 29, 2011

Go Brownsburg Cheer!

Brownsburg High School Cheer, August 2011
The great thing about being an aunt, both real and honorary, is that I have lots and lots of wonderful kids to brag on.  This past week I received a post from my friend Scott with the news that Brownsburg High School Cheer squad won the Indiana State Fair competition!  He was very proud of his daughter Emma, who is on the squad, and I say he has every right to be.  I've seen the gymnastics involved in modern day cheer and am blown away by what these kids are capable of.  What an achievement!

According to Pappa Scott, the squad was on the Fox news affiliate following their win, and Emma got some good face time on TV!  Also fun! 

It's a great face, by the way.  I love that face.

Emma, taken in March on her California visit
 [In a side note, the competition is traditionally held at the Indiana State Fair Grandstand, but had to be moved this year to the Indiana Convention Center.  If you remember, the State Fair Grandstand was the stage area that collapsed on August 13th, killing seven people and injuring more than 40 others.  According to local news sources, much of the wreckage is still in place as investigators are looking into the cause of the accident.]

To Emma, and all the kids on the squad, congratulations!  To perform all the difficult stunts you do, and do it well, is hard enough.  To perform well under pressure is especially tough. 

Good for you.  Talk about having the right stuff. 

I'm such a proud Tante!

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