Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crazy Sock Hop Workday

Socks that look like tennies
The last Friday of March (the 27th) we had crazy sock day at work.

Ivy dropped by my office to model her socks
It's strange how this activity did not seem to appeal to the men in our firm.  Only one, Dodds, participated.  However, he represented the other menfolk well, his socks were pretty funny!

Dodds had black-toed socks
The women, on the other hand, participated with gusto!

Sabrina's pink socks had cute pom-poms on the back
It's so funny how people model socks.  Very few could stand still, like Laura did with her USA socks!
Laura's socks were highly patriotic!
Most started immediately wiggling their toes, as if their feet were somehow embarrassed to be seen without shoes on.
Nikita sported one pink sock and one blue sock
We finally lined everyone up in the hallway and took a group shot:

And everyone put a foot in the ring...
 And another...
...for the sock Hokey Pokey...
And another...
...giggling and wiggling the whole time...
 And another...
... and nearly falling over!
It was all WIGGLE CITY, man!    I could not get a shot where everyone was still.  It was actually rather hilarious.

Our toes rarely get to roam free at work.  This was a very silly day.


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