Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy 80th Birthday, Evangeline!

My friend Evangeline, 80 years young!

I was recently invited to a surprise party for a very lovely lady - my friend Evangeline.  She turned 80 a couple of weeks ago.  Her family succeeded in keeping this party such a secret that she was very surprised!

Guests waiting for the guest of honor to arrive
There was a look-out posted across the street to give us a heads-up when Evangeline and her
daughter arrived.

When we got the word, we gathered around the back gate, waiting for her arrival.

There were lots of people there!
It was a happy crowd.

In a few minutes, the gate opened... and BOY, was Evangeline surprised!

I love the stunned look on her face, while her daughter's grin tells it all!

Evangeline scolds her daughter while we all look on delightedly, laughing!
To everyone's surprise, Evangeline began dancing in the driveway at this point.  I know someone caught it on film, but I was standing too far back to catch it.  She was happy and danced.

It was a great moment.  (And she has some pretty good moves for an 80 year-old!)

Evangeline in the 1960s (I'm guessing)
There was a table set up with photos for us to peruse.  Evangeline is a beautiful woman as you can tell. Unfortunately, the sun glare got in the way of my photos.  You can see my silhouette on the photo below of Evangeline and her beloved husband, Jose.

Jose was a great and good man who blessed the lives of many people.  He passed away several years ago.

I'm glad I got to know him.  I loved him a lot.

Evangeline and Jose's wedding photo, with my silhouette superimposed
Isn't her dress beautiful?  

Evangeline chatting with her guests, Caroline and Carlos
Evangeline and her family have been steadfast members of the LDS Church in Whittier for many, many years.

Giggling over photo ops: Evangeline, her son Bishop Dan and Janette
It was fun to see everyone and have a chance to sit around and talk.

There was a large group that attended
Evangeline and I work together in providing music for our church services.  She's the chorister and I play the organ.

It's been great working with her.

Evangeline has a photo op with her son Joe and her birthday cake!
Evangeline's son Joe (Jose) flew out from Wisconsin for this event.

Whittier Stake Relief Society President Ellen and Evangeline pose for a photo
There are some people in life who just feel like family, even if you aren't related.  I feel that way about Evangeline.
It was a lot of fun!
It was a very beautiful day in Southern California.  I found a shady spot in the garden and planted myself.  I noticed the grandkids had all found a shady corner.

The grandkids staked out a corner
I hadn't seen Evangeline's nieces for many years.  It was great to see Alma and Maria again (below).  They are wonderful ladies.

Alma and Maria chat with their Aunt Mercy and Uncle
I can't believe I didn't get a photo of the food.  The food was great!  There was a large birthday cake, of course.  There were also all kinds of sandwiches and other yummy things too.  It was plentiful and all very good.

The garden was beautifully decorated
There was a delightful breeze which kept everything from getting too warm.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

Mary Beth, Ellen and Andy
What a great way to celebrate a Saturday afternoon in the spring.  I think Evangeline enjoyed it.  I know I did!

Happy Birthday, my dear friend!


Marybeth said...

Oh, what a nice tribute to Evangeline! Thank you and thank you for coming!!

Ellen B said...

What a sweet post. Ell