Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Family Home Evening!

Brother Allen and (former) Bishop Rodriguez with his wife, Mary Beth.
For a few years now, we've been trying to get a singles' group going in our congregation, called a Ward. There's a program already in place for the 18-30 year-olds, however, we have lots of 30+ singles in our area, and many have asked for this.

Recently, we got a really great missionary couple assigned to our Ward.  They are David and Judy Allen and they hail from northern Utah.  You couldn't ask for a nicer couple to work with.  They are just wonderful people.

Happily, one of their first assignments is to help "shepherd" this older singles' program, and we've begun to meet on a regular basis, every other Monday.

Guys.. and roses
I have to admit I'm really enjoying this.  We haven't done much, so far, but have an opportunity to visit. However, we're all in agreement that this is just great.

Deonne and Laurel
Recently we met at Evangeline's lovely home.  We had a great presentation from Brother and Sister Rodriguez, where they talked about their experiences over the last five years as Dan served as Bishop of our Ward.

They had prepared a slide show for us of some of the activities our Ward has had over the last five years - parties, talent shows and service projects, with young and old.  (I even made it into one of these slides!  That was a surprise!) It was a fun evening.  We were able to reminisce and chat about the good times we've had together.

Lynn and Evangeline
Our little group is slowly taking hold - this was our 3rd meeting - and our numbers are continually increasing (the photos show only a portion of the attendees!).  I can see where this meets a need with all us older singles.  We all enjoy a chance to gather and chat, which we don't really get to do on Sundays.

I like it!

We're hoping our little group continues to grow and get better established.  Already we're deciding on activities and lessons for the future.  It's a nice way to get better acquainted with our single brothers and sisters, and to be better able to provide love and support for those of us who have no family close by.

It's fun, too.

Next time, Glenn has promised to play his harmonica.  Hey, where can you find that kind of entertainment anywhere these days?

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Marybeth said...

Was nice to be with all of you. So glad this is happening in our ward. Fun times!!