Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Celebrating Birthdays

Blowing out the candles
On the last Friday of the month, we celebrated February birthdays.  It was also wear your favorite band tee-shirt day.

It was fun to see the various bands that were represented.  Some of them were obscure, then there were names like Oingo Boingo and the Killers.

Stephen, Giuseppe and Frank
Our February birthday people were Giuseppe, Sabrina, Shirley and Gerry.

It was fun!
Barbara (left) sporting The Killers tee
Sharing a big ice-cream cake in the early afternoon is really nice, too.  Sometimes you can just use a nice slice of cake in the afternoon.

I recommend it.

It was Rock Tee day.  Brian was sporting an AC/DC shirt while Laura wore a Christian Rock Roadshow tee
We have a fun bunch in our office.

We enjoy goofing around.  Like Edward and Veronica did:

Yes.  Edward and Veronica were on hand, being silly.  They've been coworkers and friends for many years.

I like it when people clown for the camera.

Hope you have a nice treat this afternoon yourself.

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