Monday, March 9, 2015

A Magical Evening

Nils, Justin and Austin
I received an unexpected invitation to the world-famous Magic Castle recently!  It was a terrific opportunity for me to share this fun place with my nephew Nils.

Nils, by the way, is a magician himself.  He had never seen magicians perform up close and personal, so he was thrilled to join me.

Nils and Yours Truly
He brought a couple of his Provo, Utah-based friends along for the road trip.  

The Magic Castle sits above the Hollywood and HIghland complex where the Oscars are held
The Magic Castle is a private club, so I'm very happy to have been their twice.  The first time was for my birthday, three years ago.  I had some very attractive gentlemen with me!

My birthday three years ago
Bernard, Mark, Peggy, Me, David, Rique
This time I had some very attractive, but much younger men with me!

I always think having twice as many good looking men as women is the recipe for success!
We had such a good time.

I can't believe these nice fellows drove all the way back to Provo afterwards!  They are crazy.

If you are interested, here are links to a couple of YouTube videos showing one of the performers, Jeff McBride, who we got to see in person:

His performance with the brass water bowls blew me away!  Watch it here:

The man also did a trick with cards that just kept appearing and appearing in his hands.  That was also incredible.  Watch it here:

I'm a lucky kid!

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