Thursday, March 19, 2015

Future Food Network Star

My friend Bianca decided to help her mom make some brownies for her brothers the other day.
Bianca's third birthday is coming up, and as she's growing, she's becoming more and more helpful around the house. Baking is a skill she is trying to develop.

I got batter on my finger!
Bianca is also a budding hair stylist.  Yes, she is trying all kinds of things lately. She recently took some scissors in hand and trimmed her bangs, much to her mother's ... um... surprise.

Now her brothers call her Lloyd.  This will only be funny to some of you.  Possibly those of you with children.  (It's a film comedy reference.)

Oh, never mind.

Bianca has a bright and sparkly personality.  She loves learning new things.  She was very helpful in getting the brownie batter in the baking pan.

She even used her toy ladle.  (Mom insisted they wash it thoroughly first.  Bianca is only starting to learn about hygienc in the kitchen.  Well, give her a break, she's not even three yet.)

Got to spray the baking spray on the pan very carefully
Spraying the non-stick spray was a lot of fun!  Bianca got to make a mini-brownie in her toy pan too!
See?  This is how we do it!
I think Bianca is almost ready for the Food Network.  What do you think?

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