Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meet the Easter Bunny!

This is Thumper
I met this little sweetheart recently.  He's been adopted by a friend of mine who has a little daughter.

Quite frankly, adopting bunnies and chicks at Easter time gets my 'red alert' detector buzzing. Simply put: if you are thinking of adopting a bunny for Easter for your child - don't. 

Thumper was adorable.  I got to feed him and he sat on my lap for a long time.
From the Bunny World Foundation website:
When parents go to purchase a baby bunny for Easter, many don’t realize that owning a rabbit is big commitment. Rabbits live between 8-12 years and rabbits are not suitable pets for young children. Rabbits require copious fresh hay, fresh veggies, a limited amount of pellets, nail trimmings, brushings, toys to chew on, a bunny proofed play area, fresh water, and they must be spayed, or neutered to ensure that they do not mark your house or get testicular, or ovarian cancer. Rabbit owners must also learn how to properly handle a rabbit since rabbit’s bones are quite fragile. If dropped, or handled incorrectly, rabbits can be severely injured. 

He was a sweet, wiggly guy - always in motion!
I should not have worried.  My friend had adopted her bunny from Bunny World and had been given a 2-hour training session on how to feed and care for this precious little animal before being allowed to adopt him.

He was pretty hungry!
 Again, from the Bunny World Website:
Please save the Easter bunnies this year and choose a plush, or a chocolate rabbit for your child. If you understand how to properly care for a rabbit and you would like to have one, there are thousands of sweet rabbits waiting in shelters for a forever family. You can visit for more information on adopting and caring for bunnies.
This little guy made a sweet pet. I was able to play with him.  I held him and fed him some Romaine lettuce and I even got some little bunny kisses!  I haven't held a bunny since I was a very little girl.  What surprised me is how different he felt to hold than a kitten or cat.  I'm used to cats and the bunny felt very different. Thumper is only 10 weeks old, but he will only grow to be about 5 pounds at maturity.  

It was such a surprise to meet a rabbit on Saturday!  But, I will admit I was delighted by this experience!  It was a lot of fun to meet and interact with this little guy.

You could tell Thumper loves his little girl owner.  They spent a lot of time playing together.  I'm glad that Bunny World gave her the training and help needed to be a kind and responsible Bunny owner.

For more information on the important work the Bunny World Foundation does, visit:

Bunny World Foundation Inc
Animal Protection Organization
4470 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(310) 498-8600

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