Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Blomgren Family Reunion

The Swedish Flag flying proudly in the summer breeze
 If you believe in the importance of families, you have to endure the occasional family reunion!  My sister-in-law's mom's family got together this summer for a lively family reunion in Sweden.

Linnea smiling for the camera

This (above) is such a typically Swedish table with the flag, flowers and candles!

Notice the hands in the bottom left - that's how a true European eats - none of this shifting forks from hand to hand  business we Americans do during a meal.

My sister-in-law Kirsti with a relative
The nice thing about family reunions is that you get to see folks you don't often see.  It's also fun to see family resemblance in people's similar facial features, coloring and/or body types.

My brother Jay stood out in the height department, must be those Norwegian genes!
 The facility this reunion was held at is also very typical of Scandinavia.

And so was the food!  Yum.  Look at those tarts!

The strawberry tarts look yummy!
 I think everyone had a good time!

The extended Blomgren family
Even my youngest nephew, Christian (below) seemed to enjoy himself.  Most Swedes speak English, so there isn't much of a language barrier for visiting Americans.

What an idyllic setting for a party!  I love the lakes of Sweden, and how green it is there.  I can see why Swedish immigrants settled in regions of America like Washington state, Oregon, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Those states must have reminded those early settlers of the homes they had left behind in the "old country".

I want a house with decking like this (below).  That just looks so inviting for parties.

Inside is cosy with lots of light wood paneling and furniture from IKEA!  (Well, it could be!)
Nils (right) complained that the language barrier became a problem
only when he was trying to get to know all the cute girls he met!
 Below, I believe Jeff (center) and others are helping themselves to the strawberry tarts!

Although she is an American, my sister-in-law Kirsti was actually born in Sweden.

Nils getting to know the Swedish relatives
 As for my brother and I, our mother was born in Norway, and 3 of our 4 grandparents were Scandinavian Norwegian and Danish).

Don't you just expect a troll to pop out of the landscape above?  Okay, maybe it's just MY cultural heritage talking!

Nils told me he was quite excited to meet another young man named Nils on this trip.  And, amazingly, Linnea was one of three young women at the family reunion named Linnea!  Yup.  In the States, these are totally unique names!  In Sweden, not so much!

The three Linneas
Have you ever attended a family reunion? They can be a lot of fun!  Thanks for sharing the Blomgren reunion with us, Kirsti.

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