Thursday, November 21, 2013

Off to the MTC

Elder Anders mugging for the camera before heading off for the MTC
Serving a mission is a rite of passage for young Mormon men.  I think of a funny song by Lynn Bryson that was popular in my BYU days.  The chorus went something like this, "Every girl would like to marry, a Return Mission Mormon-ary".   Returned missionaries (RMs) are a hot commodity on the LDS marriage market!

My nephew, Elder Anders, took off yesterday in a blaze of glory.  He's got two years before he reaches RM status.  However, I'll bet it goes by quickly.

Christian, Nils, Anders and Mom Kirsti
There were a few photo ops along the way to saying good-bye for two years.

There was also a "traditional" lunch at Denny's restaurant.  Denny's in Provo, Utah, has had a long-standing policy of letting missionaries eat for free. (Good for them!)  So, that's where the family headed for lunch before dropping Anders off at the Missionary Training Center, or MTC, as it's called..

The family at Denny's in Provo
My oldest nephew, Daniel, had his "last meal" here at this Denny's some years ago before departing to the German/Austrian mission.  My second nephew, Nils, also had his "last meal" here before leaving for his service in Mexico.

Many years ago, Dad Jay served as a missionary in Sweden.  There wasn't a family to drop him off, nor an outing to Denny's for him, poor kid. I remember driving him to the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport for his flight to Salt Lake City, and from there he was on his own.  I'm glad he's been able to provide a better experience for his children.

Nils and Anders
Nils returned from his mission in January of  this year and is now attending Brigham Young University.  Now Anders begins his 2-year tour of service for the Lord.  Not a bad tradition!

Not so "Future" any more!
We have time for one last photo op!

And then, off he goes as part of God's Army.

Can't wait to hear all about his experiences!

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