Friday, November 22, 2013

Bad Jack

Look at me, Mom!
For many years now, I've appreciated the sanctity of the mantel above my fireplace.  It has been the place to put expensive collectibles - mainly because it was the only "cat free" area of my small apartment.

Well, all that came to an end recently when Jack realized he was a strong enough jumper to get up there.


I tried moving the armchair farther away from the wall, but I quickly discovered that it was a lost cause. He was going to get up there no matter what, now, because he knew he could do it.

I decided the most prudent course of action was to move the most delicate crystal and other breakables out of his way.

Poor Jack.

He just couldn't understand why I didn't share his joy over this new-found skill.  He is, after all, descended from the mountain cats of Thailand (he's part Korat).  It's in his nature to climb.  Now, in the evenings, he will sit up there and stare down at me, just to see if I'm looking.
What's the matter, mom?
I didn't want to encourage him, but he was so pleased with himself I found myself eventually saying (I couldn't help it!), "Why look at you!  What a terrific climber you are!  You have such strong legs!  What a jumper!"

Cat kids.   What do you do with them?

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Linnea said...

No more cat-free areas in your house now!

He's a cutie.