Thursday, November 7, 2013

Greetings from Canada

Livia says HI!
I like bright red coats.  Red is such a happy color.  However, I remember not liking wearing them when I was little, and my mother was always dressing me in red.  I think I disliked it because it screamed, "Here I am!" when I wanted to be more of a quiet spectator.

It doesn't look like Livia has my hang-ups!  And she looks very adorable in red.

Livia at play
It looks like Livia and Fred are settling in to their new life in Canada.

I mean, once the toy shopping cart and toy trains - your favorite toys -  arrive, any place can be home!

Fred, our master engineer

Mom Holly comes up with fun ways for the kids to learn.  She helped them to fashion letters out of the dough for rolls!  I see they came up with a CTR (Choose The Right), a "B", some "As" and what looks like a fish.

Not sure what letter (if any) the fish is supposed to be.  Perhaps it is a Q?  What do you think?

It's a mystery.
Creative Roll Playing!
It's all in fun for two very little ones.  It sounds like everyone is happy and healthy and having fun during the week!  That's the important part.

And on Sunday, we go to church!
All dressed for church
Fredrik is becoming a true older brother, I see!
Oh, dear!  Looks like you need to rake the leaves again on Monday, kids!

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Marybeth said...

I want a red coat just like Livia's!