Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Autumn in the Pacific Northwest

The Trask River
The Trask River, south of Tillamook, Oregon (in the Pacific Northwest of the USA), is surrounded by state and national forests.

It's a beautiful and wild river.

My friend Desiree, our Oregon correspondent, recently sent me these fabulous photos.  She explained she had to make a sales call for her work in this area and nearly ran over this small herd of Elk standing in the road.

This quite accidentally looks very much like a painting by Norwegian artist J.C. Dahl!
According to Desiree, "The magnificent male is looking right at me in the photo!"  Yes, Desiree, he sure was.

I tried to blow up the photo so he's easier to see.  I'm not sure I succeeded very well!

The leader of the pack... I mean, herd,
with his main squeeze close by his side
Locally the Elk are called Wapiti.  Desiree thinks the name Wapiti refers to the sound the dominant male makes as he is calling his herd to him.

"It's beautiful," adds Desiree.

Yes.  It is. And he is too.  Quite majestic.

Thanks for sharing this very beautiful moment, Desiree!

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