Monday, November 4, 2013

Les Feuilles Mortes

Livia one the job!
Perhaps I shouldn't have said "les feuilles mortes" (the dead leaves), but rather "les feuilles de l'automne", the leaves of autumn!

I love all the beautiful fall colors.  However those beautiful fall colors soon fall into the yard and make a big mess!    Now that my nephew Daniel and his wife Holly are in a home (they just moved to Canada), raking the leaves becomes a regular chore.  

Thankfully, it's a chore that Fred (age 4) and Livia (age 2) are happy to help with!

Livia and Fred busy at work

No job is too big for Fredrik.  He is a go-getter

Fred is very helpful
Yes, Fred does have different shirts on in these photos.  They were taken on different days.  Raking leaves is a big job.  They do keep falling!
Livia is a hard worker, too
In the photo above it almost looks like Livia tired of raking and is going to try a little magic on the leaves to get them into piles.  There are times I wish I could just wiggle my nose (ala Bewitched) and just make things happen, don't you?

I think Livia looks very grown  up for a 2-year old!

Fredrik even helps with the trash barrel

Mom is out there working, too!

Success!  Look, Daddy!  It's all ready for you!

Gee, thanks, guys!
This Autumnal moment is brought to you by: Livia and Fredrik!  Thanks!

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