Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kitties of Summer

Black-eyed Susans
Here's another peek into Desiree's garden in Oregon!  She writes that the Black-eyed Susans are "waist high and great for bouquets of cut flowers. I put them in flower arrangements with my Bonica Roses and Baby's Breath.  They remind me of a French Impressionist painting of a summer field in the countryside."

I agree.  They are big and beautiful!

And secondly, I wouldn't mind being in an idyllic French countryside scene at the moment!  Just sayin'.  Ah well...
The kitties: Angel, Silhouette and Rocky, enjoying the shade on a warm July day
It's been hot, so Desiree's kitties are enjoying the shade of the back porch.  They look quite content.  How different from apartment living in the Los Angeles area!  I bet they think this lovely garden home is kitty heaven.

My kitties have always enjoyed flowers, too.
Lilies in bloom and waist high Black-eyed Susans!
Lilies like these (above) were my Aunt Lillemor's favorites. I really like them too!
Climbing Roses
According to Desiree, these roses are still developing into mature plants.  They are about six feet tall now, and filling out.  There is English Ivy behind them, growing all along the fence.  They're "Very Victorian" she adds.

Yes, they are!

As if picking up on Desiree's vibes, my neighbor has been planting flowers and herbs in our apartment's little courtyard lately.  I'll have to post some pictures of them soon, too!

I hope you have enjoyed this little walk in the garden with the kitties.

This has been a friendly reminder to stop and smell the roses!

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