Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm in Love

Beard Papa

The other day someone brought a treat to the office.  I found them in our break room.  There were several bright yellow boxes filled with puffs.  I'd never thought of myself as a big fan of cream puffs, but that was before I had these.


Now I'm in love with a little bearded Japanese guy named Beard Papa.


These cream puffs are to die for.

I had never heard of this franchise before this experience.  Evidently they've been around since 1999 when the first Beard Papa store was opened in Osaka, Japan.

They proclaim themselves to be the baker of the "World's Best Cream Puffs", and I may have to agree.  That's saying a lot, actually.  Because I haven't particularly been a fan of French choux dough puffs before this!  And I've had creme puffs in several different countries. 

Now, according to their website, Beard Papa stores are located in 15 different countries around the world.

I apologize for getting your hopes up if you don't live in one of these countries.  In the USA, Beard Papa locations seem to be clustered around the west and east coasts, with a couple in Illinois for good measure.

I'm happy all over again thinking about these little wonderful delicacies.  It's the excellent custard inside which makes them particularly delightful.  It's the real deal, not some imitation whipped goop, like some American bakeries try to pass off as the interior of a creme puff.

I shouldn't have blogged about this.  Now I'm thinking about that Beard Papa store that's only about 10 minutes away from my place of work!  Help!

It will take all my self-control not to drive the car over in that direction after work today.

Curse you, Beard Papa!  You made me love you.


Marybeth said...

You must buy some and then share with me. I'd love to try them - I, in fact, love cream puffs!

Linnea said...

I looked but can't find any in the DC area, shoot!