Monday, August 13, 2012

Daddy Loves Baseball

Daddy loves baseball, so Fred got a toy baseball mitt as soon as he could hold one

When Fred discovered his Dad's mitt, he wanted nothing more to do with his own toy mitt

Playing catch in the living room isn't always a good idea!

Watching a 1984 NLCS Game - because he can

That mitt is almost as big as you are, Fred!

It's a lot of fun when you catch that ball, though

But then little sister has to get into the game

Like all major athletes, Fred has to stop for a break.  Talk about product placement.
Looks like he's got a snazzy sippy cup there.

Take me out to the ball game!

Fred wouldn't relinquish the leather glove, so Daddy had to use the toy mitt
 Batter! Batter! Batter!

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Nicole and Andy said...

Ha! I just commented but it didn't work. Thanks for writing a great blog, you are a really interesting and inspiring person... We felt the YL quakes!! (They always freak me out)