Thursday, August 2, 2012

Deep Fried Delights

One of the great temptations of owning a Kindle is how easy it is to download books.  

Trust me on this one!  I'm a book-a-holic from way back!

So, one day I saw an intriguing mystery titled, Glazed Murder (see above cover).  It was billed as a "Donut Shop Mystery".  Being a fan of donuts, I thought that sounded tasty... I mean, interesting!  So, I bought it.

In this book we meet Suzanne Hart, a donut shop owner in a small North Carolina town who is suddenly thrust in the middle of a murder investigation.  As I read the first book, I found myself liking Suzanne a lot.  Her philosophy is that we all need to indulge ourselves every now and then and that donuts bring a little joy into our lives.

I found myself agreeing with that.
Then I devoured this book, much like a donut, in record time.... and wanted another.

So I bought the next in the series:

Again, I couldn't stop reading!

Also, I was having strange cravings for donuts.  This is not good, as I have a Winchell's donut shop within a very short walking distance of my home!  Short, as in too close to burn any significant calories by walking there and back, short.

What is worse, all that talk of lemon donuts in book number two made me want one of those.  I don't even really like lemon donuts, but I started craving them like crazy.

'This has got to stop!' I told myself, then downloaded yet another!
Obviously, I have a Donut Shop Mystery addiction.

What's worse, each book contains actual recipes, so if you don't have a Winchell's two minutes away from your place of abode, you can make your own right in your own kitchen.

Yes, I know, Jessica Beck is evil and must be stopped!

According to what I could find on the 'net, Jessica Beck is the pen name for an author who has been nominated for the Agatha Award and named an Independent Mystery Booksellers Association national bestseller nearly a dozen times.  I found it very suspicious that there were no pictures of Ms. Beck, nor a clue as to who she really is.

I think she's in hiding. I think she knows just how deadly these books can be to your diet.

Last night I started yet another one:

There are nine books in all in the series, so I have five left to go after this one.  I'm not sure I can keep reading these mysteries!  They are not only addictive, they are having a direct effect on my waistline.


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