Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Acapulco Envy

"Just so you can feel sorry for me here in my area," Elder Nils writes, "[Here are] some more pictures of Acapulco."

Yeah, we feel real sorry for you, Elder Nils!  Rub it in.

Elder Dudley and Elder Nils
Elder Dudley finished his mission Wednesday, the 25th of July.  Nils writes that this young man is actually Elder Dahl's cousin.  Remember long ago posts about Elder Dahl?  He was Nils' trainer when Nils was new.

It's so nice to have an opportunity to post a photo of some good lookin' guys! Love you, Elders!

The missionaries assigned to my area came by to see me the other night.  I thought about Nils, so many miles away from his home and family, earnestly trying to do the Lord's work, and I suddenly felt all motherly about these young men.  They are good kids, trying to do good things.

I suggest if you see them on the street (with their white shirts and name-tags and bicycles they're often hard to miss!) you invite them over for dinner and then take some time to listen to them.  I promise you it will be worth it.

And their moms and maiden aunts will bless you for it.


Marybeth said...

Love the missionaries!

Colette said...

I met some missionaries on the subway home from Times Square the other night. They were generously helping some lost tourists find their way back to their hotel- very unusual for us normally rude New Yorkers!