Friday, August 10, 2012

A little Gift

My shoe.. and a little white toy mouse
I woke up the other morning to find that Jack had thoughtfully left me a gift in my black loafers.

A little white mouse.

Thankfully, it was a toy mouse.

These are the shoes I usually wear to work, so I looked upon it as a sweet little gift from my guy.  He no doubt wanted me to have something to play with while I was gone for the day.

After all, a little white mousie toy was a great idea, in Jack's mind.  It wasn't very big, so I could probably get away with smuggling it into the office, and even playing with it at work.

I'm so glad my boy takes such good care of me.  He really was very thoughtful, and I told him so, and thanked him very much.
My Sweet Jack in a box
You just never know when you just might need a little white mouse to play with, I thought, chuckling with delight as I saw it.

A few days went by before I realized it was the second anniversary of our time together.  So, I ask you, how did he know that?

It reminds me of the three little British farm cats who left my dad a dead rabbit on his 60th birthday.  It was a birthday gift from them.  They often hunted rabbits on the Eyehorn Hatch farmland, but usually ate the rabbits themselves.  That they left this one on the back porch for my dad just touched him deeply.  He loved these robust little farm felines.  "How did they know it was my birthday?" he asked in wonder. [So, now you know where I get the lunacy from...]

I don't know how Jack knew it was our anniversary, especially since I had forgotten.  I just feel so honored to have a man in my life who remembers anniversaries at all!  Wow!

You are a good guy, Jack!

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