Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Acapulco Nerds

Just in case you think Elder Nils is leading a cushy life down there in Acapulco, his current letter reminds us that life isn't all fun and games.

He writes:
This week we found a huge scorpion in the house.  That was cool.  We were planning and he just walked out of our other room, like nothing was going on.  I swear he looked at me and winked... anyway, so that was pretty funny, a lot of running around with the broom screaming like a girl trying to kill it. It was a big one, which is okay, those are the least dangerous ones.  We've found a few small ones in our house.  Those are the dangerous ones that can kill you.  I think they've been coming in 'cause of the rain.
Elder Nils trying to gross us out, as usual
They've also been having water problems.  Even living in a relatively big city such as Acapulco, and in a nice area, there is sometimes no water for washing or drinking.  When those situations arise, they do the best they can!

Elder Nils is funny.  You forget sometimes that these guys are still young kids.  He told me this story in a recent post:
[I'm reminded] of the time I asked one of my comps (i.e. companions): "What are we gonna do today?"
As he turned, he looked at me very seriously and said, "Try to baptize the world".  
And then he started humming the Pinky and the Brain song.  Good thing us missionaries aren't huge nerds, huh?
If you don't know Pinky and the Brain, this isn't going to be funny at all.  If you DO know them, well, I hope you are laughing by now!

Gotta love those missionaries!

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Kirsti said...

I just love my Elder Nils!