Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Goat Named Elaine

Sweet Little Elaine
The Orange County (California) Fair runs from the middle of July to the middle of August every summer.  It's full of all kinds of fun things, like barnyard animals, that us city dwellers don't often see.

This little goat (above) was born on my friend Elaine's birthday - July 6th - so Elaine felt that the goat's name should be Elaine.

I don't have any problem with this.  Elaine appears to be a perfectly good name for a little goat.  She looks like a sweet little kid.  (Pun intended.)
Elaine and her siblings resting in the warm summer weather
It was very very warm the day these photos were taken.  Poor little Elaine and her siblings were laying low and not moving around a whole lot.  I don't blame them.

In another end of the Fair, this little piggy (below) was enjoying the shade.
It looks as if this little piggy provided a fun photo op for a toddler
You will note the Krispy Kreme donut sign in the background.  A Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich consists of a grilled chicken breast served between two warm glazed raised Krispy Kreme donuts.  People who have tried this delicacy say it's pretty good.

I'm afraid I can't quite wrap my mind around the idea.  Eeuwww.

My friend Lisa loves the chocolate covered bacon. Eeuwww again....  I love bacon.  I love chocolate.  I still do not think they belong together!

Of all the junk food Fair fare, the deep fried Snickers candy bars might tempt me, though.  Add some ice cream and top it with whipped cream and I could go for one right now!

Americans are funny.  We'll deep fry anything. And fair-goers, at least some of them, come to try these strange snacks and eat their way from one end of the Fair to another.  When I go, that's usually my plan.

Thank goodness the Fair only comes around once a year!

Bye, little goat Elaine!  Great to see you!  Hope you have a great life on the farm!

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