Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The Gargoyle Fountain at Knott's Berry Farm
Last night my neighbor showed me the cave man costume he's wearing to a party tonight.  The wig alone was hysterical. 

Then, on the way to work this morning I passed Snow White waiting for a bus. 

I really did.

She looked lovely.  Pale skin, dark hair - a really beautiful girl - and she was dressed right out of Disney's beloved animated film.  Waiting for a bus.  It just seemed wrong.  I felt like Prince Charming should have galloped up the street and swooped her up.  I almost turned the car around and stopped to take pictures.  Almost.  Had I not already been late for work, I would have.

Maybe the 7 dwarves were busy and couldn't give her a lift to work.

It could happen.

The front desk at my company all decorated for the holiday
I love Halloween.  I love getting dressed up and being silly and eating candy.  (Chocolate. Yum. My favorite food group.)

A co-worker's desk decorations
 I used to love Halloween more.  It seems like over the years it's gotten too gory-scary and less and less funny and cute.  There's something wrong with that. 

Trick or treating was such a fun part of my childhood. Evil people have rather ruined that, too.  But even so, people have been able to adapt. At church, there was a child-safe Halloween party on Saturday night.  I know lots of other folks do the same.

Some have suggested that good Christians shouldn't celebrate Halloween at all.  Perhaps they are right, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up the part where you dress up funny, go to parties and eat candied apples, caramel popcorn and chocolate.

Especially the chocolate.

What do you think?

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Marybeth said...

I love Halloween, but I'm with you, no gore, no creepy scary costumes, just silly fun! And oh, yes, chocolate, lots of it.