Friday, October 14, 2011

Furry Nephews

I recently got to spend a little time with my Jack's brothers, Piper and Leo.  They are truly nice guys and were happy to hear about Jack's latest adventures.  They were very attentive to their Tante on this visit!
Piper looking regal

Piper posing for the camera
Piper was in a good mood.  He came out early and joined the party!  He even posed for a few pictures.  I think he enjoyed everyone fussing over him!
Leo hanging out at the party
Leo has always been a little more shy.  To my surprise, though, he also took the time to come out of the bedroom and say "Hi" early in the evening.  He even spent a bit of time on my lap!  I was so happy that he did that.  It gave us some one-on-one time we don't normally get.
Leo looks so much like Jack that I was surprised by the fact that he weighed a TON.  His looks are deceptive.  I was expecting him to be somewhere close to Jack's weight, but I found myself going "Umphf!" as I picked him up.  What a delightful little chunk of a cat!  He has a great personality.  He liked having his chin scritched very much.
When I got home, I told Jack all about my visit with his adorable family.  Jack likes to hear that his brothers are doing so well, ... but he's mostly happy his front door window finally got fixed.

It's nice to have family.

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