Monday, October 10, 2011

Anders, our Champion Drum Major

My nephew Anders is a pretty cool kid.  I thought it was really great of his band director to place him on a pedestal so we could honor him properly!
My handsome nephew Anders surveys the field
Just kidding.

(Though it sure looks like the band is bowing down to him in this picture!  Ha!)

Bingham High School marching band won third place in the Mount Timpanogos band competition this past weekend in Utah.  It was a huge competition, and even placing third was a real honor.
Anders is one of three drum majors seen here (second from the left).  The marching band is so large, it takes three guys to keep everyone together.

If Anders looks a bit nervous, I think it was because his sister was taking lots of photos, and he had a ton of relatives in the stands.  Wish I could have been there.  Except, of course, for the sitting ouside on bleachers seats in the cold part.  Okay, I'm a wuss.

A Very Cool Trophy!
What a fun way to celebrate your junior year in high school!
You go, Anders!  I love a man in uniform!
Winning Smiles!

Anders' little brother and mom enjoyed the show
It looks cold outside!  Brrrrrr.  Fall came seemingly overnight to the Salt Lake area, but when it came, it came big time.

As did his Dad and Bestemor Merlene, who was visiting from Arizona
 We are all very proud of you and your marching band, Anders!  Congratulations!
Photos courtesy L. Farnsworth

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