Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Birthday Luncheon

Happy Birthday to me!
My co-workers took me out for lunch on my birthday.  I had a great time. 

I mean, seriously, if you're going to be really OLD, you might as well enjoy it and go in style, right?

 The food was good.
Carmen, Sabrina, Danika, Veronica, Barbara and Emma
The company was even better. 

We laugh alot when we get together.  I'm so blessed to work with such nice people.  I consider them all my friends.

So, thanks everyone, for the care and kindness you show every day in the things you do.  And thanks for making my big milestone birthday seem less .. difficult. 

I have to admit I'm having a hard time with this one.  I know it's just a number, but it's (gulp) a pretty big number this year.  Perhaps, as Indiana Jones once put it, "it's not the years, it's the mileage". 

If that's the case, I think I'm overdue for an oil change, lube, and a tire rotation.

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Marybeth said...

Hey, I know your age and you look fabulous. I hope my skin looks as good as yours when I hit that magical age.