Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Girl Named Sue

Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex
A good friend of mine just visited the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.  She took these great photos of Sue, the largest, best-preserved, and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil ever found.  She measures 42 feet long from snout to tail and 13 feet tall at the hip. (That's Sue I'm talking about, not my friend!  Otherwise she'd have had problems getting on that plane from Los Angeles...) Those are a set of 58 dagger-like teeth Sue's flashing there at us (yikes!).
Sue's actual skull weighs around 600 pounds, so that's a replica on the skeleton.  The skull is on display in another exhibit on the Museum's balcony (as seen below).

I don't think Sue is someone I would ever want to meet in a dark alley - or anywhere else, for that matter, except for the museum where she currently resides!

Elaine, Donna and Sue

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Elaine!  Glad you are back safely.  Chicago looks like a dangerous place.  (Just kidding.)

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Marybeth said...

Do you know where the fossil was found? She's huge!