Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nils' Missionary Adventures Continue!

The very handsome Scandinavian contingent of the Cuernavaca mission: Elders Danielsen, Evensen, and Dahl
"No, we don't have 7 wives."
"No, we do not baptize people until they see the face of Christ."
"No, we do not worship the devil."
"Yes, we do read the Bible."

According to our Elder Nils, these are some of the questions these young men answer on a daily basis.  Then he adds, "...honestly you'd think they would already know the answers for that stuff..."

Yes, it's a whacky world we live in and rumors are always rampant about those 'weird' Mormons!

It's been a while since I posted anything about our Elder in Mexico, but he's doing well and is happy  - and still serving in Altamirano.  On Monday he writes:
Last week was a really fun week.. Some weeks I'm really surprised at how God smiles down upon us.  We've really been having a ton of success lately.

Elders Evensen and Danielsen taking a break
 Nils recently got a new companion, an Elder Danielsen, when Elder Dahl was transferred.  The little branch of the church in Altamirano continues to grow.

Last week, a man came to Nils asking for marital advice.  Nils writes:

All I told him was that the family is central to the plan of God.  That before he makes any decision he should pray to God, and then go calmly talk to his wife.

The last time I saw him, he was really happy.  He said he prayed, and talked to his wife. He's living back at home now and things are getting a lot better.
It's in situations like that, that I always realize how much I need the Lord as a missionary.  Because heck, I don't know the answer to half of these questions!  I study in the scriptures 3 hours a day, and it helps.  But it's always situations like that where you're just completely stumped that the Lord comes in and helps you.  That [the advice which he gave the man] was definitely something from the Lord, not me.
I love the testimony Nils shares about the benefits of reading the scriptures.  There's nothing that will bring the Lord's Spirit into your home faster than reading the scriptures.  They are a tremendous tool to help us in our daily lives.

Elders Danielsen and Evensen with two new convert families
 I love Nils' missionary adventures, although the latest one has to have his mother worried!  He writes:

..and just to make you guys scared, last week I traveled down to some city.  Supposedly the road is really dangerous.  It's like on one of those U.S. "don't travel on this road" lists.  Guess who gets to go down that road again today!  .. actually it's a really fun drive.  There's a part of the road that gets really bad with potholes, so the cars always just drive on the opposite side of the road.  I like being in cars down here, it's kind of like playing one of those crazy video games.
So, I'll leave you with that image of Elder Nils playing real life Mario Brothers on the back roads of Southern Mexico.

Adios, amigos!  Behold, Zion prospers, even in the far flung corners of the world.

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