Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Primary

Pickering Ward Primary, Leaders, Teachers and our Talented Children
On Sunday our ward had a real treat.  It was the Primary Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation!  This is my favorite church meeting of the entire year.  The children always do such a wonderful job.  This year proved to be no exception!

We used to have twice as many children as you see here, but within the last year several families have moved out of the area, and many of our children have also grown up and out of Primary. 

Although they were small in numbers, our Primary still did a terrific job.  I was so proud of all of them.  It can be a scary thing to speak and sing in the church!  In spite of this, every one who participated spoke and sang so well.

Leah and her teacher, Sister McKeon
I love these kids.  It's fun to watch them grow up.  I love their families, too.  They are all such good people.  We have a loving, close-knit ward.  
Our handsome guys
Our little boys were remarkably reverent throughout the program.  I know it's hard to sit still and be reverent - especially when you are sitting up in the choir loft where everyone can see you!

Our future missionaries
Sharing Time and singing time were difficult as everyone was very wound up after the program!  It was hard to get all the wiggles out!
Sharing Time
We don't have a large enough group to be able to have a junior and senior primary, as they have in larger wards.

The theme of the program was, "I Know the Scriptures Are True". 

We have some outstanding singers in our Primary.  Their singing was not only lovely, but performed, in some cases, with a lot of gusto.  I think this is commendable.  And it made some of us oldsters smile.
Bright smiles and beautiful faces
The children were visited by several members of the Bishopric, telling them what a great job they had done.
Our Bishop thanks the primary for their efforts
 After Primary, they all let loose a little bit and got silly!  It was quite a day!
Letting Loose!
Thanks to our Primary President, Sister Burns, for letting me take so many pictures!  Thanks to everyone for smiling and posing and being so darn cute!  (You teachers, too!)

Special Thanks to: Sister Burns, Sister Grimm, Sister Rex, Sister Moore, Sister Prescott, Sister Anderson, Sister McKeon, Sister Ibey, and the kids: Talmage, Andrew, Meara, Timmy, Leah, Porter, Alexis, Grace, Tori, Ella, Jonas, Jackson, Miles, Wyatt, Joseph, Jared, Geoffrey, Max, and Warren.  {Please forgive me if I’ve left anyone out!}

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