Monday, October 5, 2015

Worshiping with the Saints

Kirsti and Jay in front of the Conference Center in Salt Lake City
Usually I play "Find Don" when I watch the worldwide LDS General Conference.  He is my friend who sings with the Tabernacle Choir.  

This time, I played "Find Jay and Kirsti".  My brother and his wife and gotten tickets for the Saturday morning session, and I searched in vain for them in the 21,000-person crowd.  Ha!

The Tabernacle Choir performs in the Sunday Afternoon session
My friend Ellen was there, too, enjoying the tremendous spirit that is found at this unique, twice a year event.

I finally spotted Don, as the camera panned towards his section of the choir in the final session on Sunday.  I never managed a glimpse of anyone else I knew personally.

Oh well.  It was worth a try, right?

A view from the side, inside the Conference Center
The big news this weekend, of course, had to do with the three men who were called to fill the recent vacancies in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  For more information about these three special men, click on the link below:

Elders Dale G. Renlund, Gary E. Stevenson and Ronald A. Rasband
We are so wonderfully blessed to have a Prophet of God and Apostles, fifteen good men who are sustained as "Prophets, Seers and Revelators", to lead and guide us in these troubled times.  

Jay and Kirsti inside the Conference Center

A few photos from the Deseret News, and the others courtesy J.D.Evensen

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