Friday, October 2, 2015

Hunkering Down with Jack

Jack just hanging out
Jack likes General Conference weekend.  That's when we just hang out all Saturday and Sunday watching Conference and hanging like the Besties we are.

Jack watching conference with me back in October, 2014
Jack cuddles up with me on the couch.  He really likes hearing the Mormon Tabernacle choir perform.  He just gets comfy and closes his eyes to enjoy the moment.

This is better, I think, than actually being there - and much more cuddly.

The LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City
Besides, Jack enjoys conference very much and I don't think they would let a kitty into the services at the Conference Center!

At home, all snuggled on the couch, we have the best seats in the house!

Jack posing for me
Wherever you are, I hope you will also enjoy your weekend!

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