Monday, October 12, 2015

Quilting for Charity

A segment of our Pickering Ward Relief Society
Recently, the Pickering Ward Relief Society had a service project evening where were made blankets for charity.

Busy cutting the felt fabric
We made simple tied quilts out of felt material squares.

Adria and Ellen I. busy tying quilts
These turn into colorful, warm individual lap blankets.

Spreading out on the floor makes it easier
These quilts are easy to make, and a lot of fun to make as well!

Janette, Laurel and Adria
It always feels good to participate in these service projects.

Laurel is our Relief Society President
We had a good group turn out to do the work.

The cutting of the fabric is the trickiest part of this project
You only need two 2-foot squares of felt material and a pair of good scissors to make these blankets.

Maria Elena and Judy had fun
You start by cutting out a 4-inch square out of each corner.

We all had fun!
Then you slice even strips of fabric along the edges that are then neatly tied.

Evangeline and Adria
It's something even I can do!

Ellen B. and I worked on two quilts together
I sure love these ladies.
We hammed it up a little for the camera!
In about an hour and a half we managed to create an amazing amount of quilts!

The whole gang posing with our evening's work!
Adria had her arms full (below) putting these colorful quilts away in the Relief Society cupboard. This was only half of what we completed in one evening!  Once they have been laundered they will be donated to charity.

Sadly, Adria and her husband have moved to Utah since this fun evening!  (We miss you, Adria!)

Adria putting the Quilts away

All the tied quilts will go to Whittier Presbyterian Hospice patients.  I wish the recipients could know what a lot of love went into each of them.

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